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EM5000 The electric scooter GECO-joy is the starter model of the firm GECO-scooter.
The GECO-joy 1249th costs - Euro. The GECO-joy has a 1100 watt motor. The empty weight of the electric scooter GECO-joy is 98 kg.
The range of the GECO-joy is about 55 km. The battery of GECO-joy can be recharged over 250 times.

As entry-level model is the electric scooter GECO-joy a good choice. Even if the engine power and the maximum speed of 40 km / h not very exhilarating.
For this you get with the GECO-joy but a cheap e-scooter with good quality. The GECO-joy is to desire to be equipped with a Li-polymer battery.