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Innoscooter Electric Scooter EM2000

EM2000 The Innoscooter Electric Scooter EM2000 costs 1899 .- EUR.
His performance is a maximum of 2500 watts. The Innoscooter Electric Scooter EM2000 has an automatic-saving operation.
In economy mode the power is 2000 watts. The maximum permitted weight is 260 kg.

The top speed is 45 km / h. To 100 km falling to just 70 cents in energy costs.
The Innoscooter Electric Scooter EM2000 therefore consumes about 3.5 kWh per 100 kilometers.

As an electric scooter battery lead-acid battery is used silicone. This battery is very cheap. It costs around 120th - USD to buy.
With a range of 50 km, one can say at this low battery nothing.

The Innoscooter Electric Scooter EM2000 has a battery charge indicator, a speed display and much more.
A special feature is installed a steering lock with the electric scooter Innoscooter EM2000.


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