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Innoscooter electric scooter EM2500L

em2500l The price for the electric scooter Innoscooter EM2500L's 3690th - EUR.
Therefore the Innoscooter EM2500L electric scooter with a powerful electric scooter LITHIUM battery is fitted.
The range is incredible 150km. And you can see the electric scooter battery with very little effort and they just charge at each outlet.
The power of the electric scooter Innoscooter EM2500L is 3000 watts. The performance is sufficient.

The throttled speed of electric scooters Innoscooter EM2500L is 45 km / h.
By Innoscooter electric scooter EM2500L fall to about 70 cents in electricity costs for every 100 kilometers.
The permissible gross weight of the electric scooter Innoscooter EM2500L is 260 kg.

The electric scooter Innoscooter EM2500L masters slopes of up to 18%!

As an electric scooter battery electric scooter in the Innoscooter EM2500L uses a powerful rechargeable battery.
This electric scooter battery is expensive to buy but that's why a range of 150km and can be recharged more than 1000 times.

The Innoscooter electric scooter has EM2500L as Innoscooter Electric Scooter EM2000 and EM2500 Innoscooter electric scooter an Eco-switch, which allows you to turn the economy mode.
In economy mode, the motor of the electric scooter Innoscooter EM2500L runs at 2500 watts. Thus, lowering power consumption and increased range.