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Solar Hybrid Scooter

EM5000 The solar-scooter hybrid is not a pure electric scooter, but a hybrid scooter.
The solar-electric scooter scooter hybrid can be operated with electricity, gasoline or mix mode.
This has the advantage that one can arbitrarily increase the range of the solar-scooter hybrid.
The electric scooter batteries, the Solar-scooter hybrid is the way, loaded, off the gasoline engine will be added soon!

The exact Modellbezeichung for the solar-scooter hybrid is SCH-0820th
The solar-hybrid scooter or SCH-0820 can be a very good alternative.
Above all, that the batteries are recharged while the vehicle is very interesting.

In the solar hybrid scooter / SCH-0820, the hybrid approach has been implemented very well.
In the mix mode requires the SCH-0820 just 1 liter of gasoline per 100 km.