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Solar Scooter Italia

EM5000 The Solar-Scooter Italia is a really special electric scooter.
The mad at the Solar Scooter Italia is its retro design.
The Solar-Scooter Italia looks like a fine old scooter. We, of course, run on electricity.

From the solar-electric scooter scooter Italia, there are two models: the SCI and the SCI-2038-3038th

Do distinguish the two models of the Solar-Scooter Italia through the engine.
The SCI-2038 is classified in Class 50. The SCI-3038 in the 125cc class.

The maximum speed of the SCI-2038 is 45 km / h.
The SCI-3038 has a top speed of 60 km / h.

Who likes the design of old scooters that should the two models look at the Solar-Scooter Italia, in any case.