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Electric scooter

E-roller Electric scooters are definitely a convenient alternative to a bezin powered scooters.
Currently, E-scooter need about 4 kWh (kilowatt hours) per 100 km. The current cost is a kilowatt cost 21 cents then 84 cents to go to an E-Scooter 100 kilometers.
The fuel consumption at a normal scooter is about 3 liters per 100 km, which means about 3.60 EUR If fuel costs for 100 kilometers.


Electric scooter battery

roller_batterien_elektro The e-scooter battery is the most important thing about an electric scooter. The E-Scooter Battery contributes very strongly to the final price of an electric scooter. The better the scooter batteries are the higher is the scooter price.


Electric Scooter Price

Electronic roller-Free The e-scooter models, current price is between 800th - and 4000 Euro - Euro.
The big difference in price is above all by the kind of electric scooter battery and the engine to pass.
A scooter with a range of 150 km is not at a price of, inter 2500th - Euro.


Electric Scooter Germany


In Germany there is the e-scooter only in recent years. Until now, there are not many e-scooter manufacturer in Germany.
The sales figures in the electric scooter segment, but rising in Germany. Due to the high fuel prices and by rising Verkaehraufkommen is the number of scooters in Germany rapidly increased.
Also positive is that prices fall for electric scooter batteries and scooter battery capacity increases even further.


Electric scooter news

Electronic roller news On this page you will find the current electric scooter news. The current electric scooter news is updated daily.
Sometimes the messages are also electric scooters updated hourly. So if you want to keep up to date, then look you up and over on the side of electric scooter news.

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Electric scooter range

battery-roller The range is of course a crucial point in an electric scooter.
The range depends on several things.
The decisive factor is, of course, the electric scooter battery. The better (and more expensive), the scooter is battery, the greater is the e-scooter range.
But the engine of the scooter is vital. If an engine of an electric scooter is economical, it increases the range of the electric scooter.
Current e-scooters have a range of 50 kilometers to 200 kilometers.


Electric scooter cost

Electronic roller-Free The e-scooter costs are composed of several types of costs.
The electric scooters can cost into the cost of electric scooter, electric scooter costs and ongoing costs for maintenance and repair of the electric scooter.

The cost of a scooter is between 800th - and 4000 EUR - EUR.
A good e-scooters which one does not want to use every day you get for about 1500 .- EUR.
Generally, the more one uses the scooter the more you should spend per solchigen.


Electric scooter Innoscooter

Innoscooter 6 electric scooter models offering the Company Innoscooter.
Current e-scooter models: Innoscooter EM2000, EM2500 Innoscooter, Innoscooter LITHIUM-EM2500, EM6000 Maxi-Lithium Innoscooter,
Innoscooter EM5000 lithium Sports and Innoscooter Jagas12z




Project Rescue by Dr. Cornelius Boersch

We would like to sincerely thank Dr. Cornelius Boersch, would not take place without which the continuation of our project and enjoy.
Through its active support of the staff and I have even taken courage, and now look back on a successful path in the future.