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Solar Scooter Sport

EM5000 The Solar Electric scooter Scooter Sport is like the name says sporty.
The exact model for the Solar Scooter Sport is SCP li.on 3540th
The Solar Scooter Sport and li.on SCP-3540 has an engine with 3500 watts of power.
With this engine is the SCP-3540 li.on more than well equipped.
The range of the Solar Scooter Sport / SCP-3540 li.on at maximum speed is 60 km.

Depending on the driving range of the Solar Scooter Sport can be significantly increased.
The maximum speed of the Solar Scooter Sport is a proud 88 km / h.
At a speed of 45 km / h, the range is about 100 km.
This maximum is possible by the lithium-ion battery.

The Solar Scooter Sport li.on or SCP-3540 is an electric scooter of the really fun.